Check out   Carly Pearce - Every Little Thing.  She debutes her single also on her Album you need to listen to the lyrics. massive plus to this the whole album is good.


I have been listening to a few new releases:-

 Aaron Watson- Vaquero

released Feb. 2017  16 tracks of what i would classify as country music my best track

no 15. Rolling Stone

Aaton Watson hails from Texas USA

has released many albums but sadley not many we can line dance to


Alison Krauss - Windy City

1st album for 17 years {why so long]?

this is an album to e wash over you, on a night where you want to curl up your toes into a cosy warm sofa rug. then just listen, let the wonderfu lyrics and obviously words, just wash over you. Each song on ths great album is supurb. Listen close to track 13 mmmm for those who hurt try track 12 Till I gain Cotrol Again.

great album worth listenibg to.


The April Family - New to me, I would classify as alternative country hailing from Australia

They have released an album

What We know. well worth a listen  tack 7.  my favorite.


Blake Shelton  -  Texoma Shore

11 tracks a studio album

happy album showcasing Blake Shelton at his best.


Brad Paisley  Love The Way

good album. Loaded with great songs, I like 10. Grey Goose Chase and really think some of these tracks need dances written for them.


but wouldn't it be wonderful if choregraphers realised that they need to assorb this great music coming from Canada, The U.S.A. and even Australia and the UK. We need dances written for there music. Only then, will Country Music Clubs have a future. What happens then? schools, &  church halls will continue to attract those who go in for  the afternoon  lessons. However, those of us who adore country music will have found our clubs eroded. Why? is this.

Well People request dances they have been taught, some, are great dances. Great to get the hips, legs and feet working in syncrinisation, but what is the music. Its Pop, Rap, all what i have called for many years, ear pollution. Its not,that, thats just my opinion, [to me it is]. I said many years ago, that if this trend didn't stop, i would close clubs,and  make our wonderful singers, who have chosen due to their love of  country music,  no longer enjoy what they do,  They will be instructed or even directed to sing the 'popular' listed line dance. Before i am slated for having such a radicle opinion, please remember. I want to find a country club, in my vicinity where i can go. To just let it all wash over me, whilst i enjoy the busy dancing feet of those that have learnt amazing dances, dance in lines that flow in sycrination, making those who know nothing about what they do, wonder at it all, as i did many years ago, and then want to learn, so that they to can join in.

just a passing thought.

Please Keep it Country.




as i listen to more i'll let you know what i think lol

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