Turkey and Tinsel at the Burstin Hotel in Folkstone. 2018  A great annual November  weekender. organised by Cheyenne promotions. guaranteed to please the Country Music Loving person. Who still longs to wax lyrical over their preferred genre. Yes we live in times where the scene is moving rapidly. Our favourite singers are now shifting in some cases over to what we would call the dark side. This is not permissible at this weekender. We try with all our hearts to KEEP IT COUNTRY For our entertainment we had John Docherty & Bob Keeley on our opening night Friday 16th November. First time I have had the pleasure of hearing the voice of John. [very nice] over two sets he gave us some great numbers the likes of "Down on your Uppers" "Big Blue Tree"  a Michael English number, also here this Friday evening  the effervescent Bob Keeley. I have seen Bob many times never ever disappointed."The Man I want to be" a Chris Young number along with so many. Closing his last set Bob invited John back up with him. they sang together a wonderful Buck Owen Number "Looking Back To See". D.J. Honky Tonk Cliff, played out some great late night tracks Saturday - Sunday Morning's Dance Workshops run by Honky Tonk & Brian & Julie of JB Western Dance. Both Honky Tonk Cliff and Brian & Julie are patient and prepared to go over each and every dance with you. This afternoon .J.B. Western Dance taught the following, Straight To Hell-0-, Simplicity- Thankyou- and There Goes my Neighbourhood. Saturday 17th Shayna  set out to give us two upbeat sets that she does so well. giving us "Blame It On Your Heart" Patty Loveless song, along with Miranda Lambert's "Love Your Memory", also amongst her brilliant playlist was Gretchen Wilson's "Red Neck Woman" which she dedicated to her Mum, Angie Rivers who had called in to see her daughter. Wonderful to see our Angie who is much missed on the circuit. Saturday Evening it the turn of Chris Mezza & Steve Jay. Chris Mezza never appears to change always our Chris. From Singing "First Fool In Line along with "Most People are Good"  and an amazing 1979's "Ghost Riders in the Sky". having trying to close his set he was made to stay and give us another."I  Should Fall Behind". Steve Jay what a plethora of a play list that would keep a full floor. From George Strait's "Troubadour", a super Keith Urbans "Texas Time" Dierks Bentley's  "What was I Thinking"? Cliff asked Steve to Sing "Your In Love With a Beautiful Woman" for the dancers that he had taught that day. He called the steps out whilst our Steve sang,[ Bless he didn't miss a word.] both Steve & Chris sang a thank you song for those here this evening. i.e. that lovely couples number "Best of Friends". so it is up to the apples and pears and ready ourselves for the last day. Sunday. what a weekend. ! I had pouted as my local club had booked Zenne for their Saturday night. [I'm here] and Here she was in front of me on Sunday afternoon  [Huge Grin] lol Now if you want original wonderful pure unadulterated country music. Zenne's your Gal. she doesn't necessarily  play the usual run of the mill stuff, so you have to shuffle the grey cells. Find a dance that fits, and your away. [Bliss] "Every Honky Tonk Town" a Heather Myles number as well as "Going Straight To Hell" & Little Big Town's "Pontoon". what a set list also amongst this was a song she pushed for our Angie who sadly wasn't with us this evening i.e. "Girl Crush". announced was the absence of Long Shot, for this evening [being unwell] however we were lucky enough to grab "Rob Charles by the neck of his guitar lol opening with a fast "Billy 'B' Bad" he put down his marker of things to come,  "Seven Nights To Rock"  & "High Class Lady"  he made sure there was little room to breathe for those who wanted, a good cardio vascular workout. I wish to state here and now Jaynie from Souls N Stone is  mad!! in the very best of ways. her voice omg, "Take These Chains" & " From A Jack To A King " the list of songs was sorted to make you yearn for more. Rob Charles & Souls  N Stone took to sing us out for this year's weekender with  couples pairing to dance Best of Friends to a rousing "We'll Meet again". So with Flags furled and fans folded we await 2019.

So From Ky Rivers & Myself. Happy Xmas and a very very good boot scooting new year.





The amazing report following my few words are directly due to Brian our wonderful partner dance tutor.  I had some family issue's which have made things a little hectic for me. So Brian has kindly allowed me to throw his words onto our website.

What a way to kick off 2017 but with another fabulous ‘Cheyenne’s’ St Valentines festival down at the Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkestone, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday all filled with great Country music for listening and dancing to.Surely there must something here whatever your taste of Country music. Kicking off on Friday with line and partner dance classes from 1pm to 3pm keeping the early arrivals occupied as they waited to check in.Below is the artist line-up, and remember this is just for a single Friday, Saturday and Sunday and just one of the reasons this is a great value weekend, if just a little exhausting but that may be my age·

Hayden· Martin Jaye· Chris Harris· Tony Rouse· Henry Smith Band· Colt Murphy· Richard Palmer· Glen Rogers [contributing artists]

This ‘Cheyenne’ St Valentines Festival was hosted by the unique Honky Tonk Cliff who is not only one of the most professional Compeer and DJ he’s actually a brilliant Line dance teacher, Cliff taught two of his own new dances ‘Hillbilly Hot Rod’ and‘Turn Me To Love’. Partner dance teaching was by JB Western Dance (Julie & Brian) with a new partner dance choreographed for this weekend, “Missing (P)” converted from the line dance with kind permission of Heather Barton, details and the script are already on the JB Western Dance website ( and all the usual websites, and we also taught “Coffee For 2”, “New Town Cha” and “Cheating”, thanks to the line dancers who joined in with the partner dance teaching it was great fun. I often say our new partner dancers are there already dancing in the lines.Paul did his usual great job on the door and Westernview Western Wear with their wonderful stall make this the complete package of a festival.This is a Country music festival with line and partner dancing and a busy dance floor, but we all have a great time ‘together’. Nobody would deny it gets tight at times but that's half the fun! A separate small dance floor was put down for the hotel guests who wanted to have a dance to some great music.The raffle, with many prizes kindly donated, and donations for scripts (over a brilliant £10) and a contribution from Henry Smith’s Flower raffle raised a fantastic total of £452.70 for the NSPCC and £30 for a Coventry Children’s charity. So very well done to all everyone.This festival is so good and that’s the reason it attracts friends from France, Germany and of course all around the UK. So if I wanted to identify a single factor that makes this festival so popular, and why people have been coming back for year upon year it’s the wonderful people who come along. Line, partner, and listeners all having a great time with Country music together as it should be! We are already looking forward to June 2017.



Once again I attended the festival of Country Music on14-16th November at The Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkstone a Country Music Festival of over 20 years standing. Cheyenne Promotions are now at the helm of this long standing country music fest!. This is a festival where Stetsons, & Rodeo shirts for our guys are the norm. Ladies. from Country Lasses & Liners, dress to kill as is the norm, for us girls. Friday evening kicked off with Glen [strait lines] DJ in full regalia comforted our ears with music that he hoped the bands wouldn't cover. 'Country of course'. The first  evening [Friday] we had Texan John Permenter & Muddy Boots. fiddle in hand, John Permenter  sang amongst others "Cabo San Lucas" The floor, quickly filled even though, some of the country music was, to say the least, 'obscure' Both of John Permenter's sets where full, with fiddle appropriate songs. Muddy Boots. also entertained  us this evening. both sets  Country, "Same Thing" a John Prine, number from 1995. which has a re-vitalised dance. not much can be said that has not already been laid down in print about this great duo. Sat/Sun  Dance Tuition, for liners & partners is the order of the day. some of the dances taught "That's Just Me" , "Love is a Miracle", " Good Time Girls" & "Gentle On My Mind" are just a few of the dances taught by Judy Baily. Also "Cheyenne Stroll" JB Western Dance original partner dance was taught along with "Jingle Bell Rock", "Under The Sheets" "Old Dan Tucker" & "Drinking Partners " all of this was followed by, a youthful Steve Cherelle. "Country Girl in Paris" a song from John Denver's Higher Ground album 1988. loud encore followed.  Sat Night the [party night] Fancy Dress Optional .Rancher & The Storms. Rick & Ashley [father & Son], gave us two sets packed with great songs. Marty Robbins "18 Yellow Roses" from way back in 1973.  The Duo Rancher sang "Heaven in My Woman's Eyes" & "They Call Me The Breeze" Rancher & The Storms, came together at the end of the evening giving us a stomping "Ain't Going Down" + an ancient out of the archives "Oh Susanna" from which a wonderful barn dance was performed. Glen amazed me further the man is so knowledgeable about country music. just once during the entire weekend did I hear a track repeated that a band had performed.  Sadly  Glen & Judy are bowing out of the festival due to other commitments. We wish them well. Sunday our last day harrumph!. a surprise in store greeted us. Steve Jay had to pull out at the very last minute. In Stepped Martin Jaye to our rescue at the 11th hour. Give this guy his due. He's arrived at a country music only gig, and gave us nothing but. so from a welcome "Train Wreck" & Blake Shelton's "The more I drink"  Our Sunday evening closed much to my sadness at its closure. with Kicking Country & Cheyenne the last entertainers of the weekend.  Kicking Country favour James House number's  "Ace in the Hole" being one. Cheyenne [our host's] "Ky & Angie" sporting a great new hairstyle. sang some great numbers amongst which was a Band Perry No "Better Dig Two".&  "You Ain't Dolly" Cheyenne & Kicking Country pulled together at the closing of the evening with a great "Wagon Wheel Rock" + "Corn Don't Grow". sadly the night drew to an end as this had been a great one where folk assured me it was back to its best. So without much ado. I close with a longing for the next one in February

Jacqui Peacock







CheyennePromotions    Dedicated to protecting a Country Music festival that has run for 34years with Ann Hinder, well respected much loved. Many wondered if the festival of country would continue. Here we are Dedicated and respecting Country Music. So come on down. Book a weekender with us. Proove to yourself that Country Music is safe in our hands.

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